You Are Never Alone!


With the exploding of technology, as well as the stigma surrounding mental health, Dragonfly has embraced a unique approach to counseling our youth! One on One Video sessions, Live chat rooms, as well as a rural in-person location, youths are more inclined to reach out.

With our unique "texting" option, youth can reach out when they feel the need to speak to someone.

In our outreach program, we meet youth where they are comfortable!

Who Do We Help?

Services are geared towards youth between the ages of 5 and 21, however we are not inclined to turn anyone away that is needing assistance.

For services offered and pricing scale, please visit our "services" page.

Parents, if you have a child needing our services, please reach out to see how we can help. 




Here at Dragonfly, we believe youth excel in an environment where they are comfortable. Although we do have an office location, we prefer to meet youth where they are at. From parks, to hikes and anything inbetween, our Counsellors make it comfortable to be around.

Please email, call or text to schedule your free consultation to ensure we are a fit for you.

Our Animal Program involves more than just riding a horse or looking at animals.

Being around animals can be physical, emotional, and psychologically beneficial. Animals are highly intuitative and will give unconditional love.

One on One sessions at our location, can help build confidence, calm anxiety and so much more.

Dragonfly is here if you need someone to talk too. Texting or calling (705) 606-9142 will get you an immediate response. You may also email: dragonflyoutreach@gmail.com

With our Outreach Services, we are happy to come to you in a crises situation.

Please reach out when you need us.

Help is here when you need it!

Unique Assistance for Youth!